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2013 Data Science in Aviation Workshop was held in Madrid, on the 15th of October, 2013

This workshop was organized by the ComplexWorld Network – a long-term research initiative supported by SESAR.Thank you to all participants for a successful workshop!

About the Workshop: General details

Over 80 industry experts, academics and professionals attended the workshop in central Madrid. The ComplexWorld ‘Workshop on Data Science in Aviation’ provided the opportunity for experts and professionals from the data science and aviation fields to gather and discuss ways knowledge from aviation data could be extracted in order to enhance our understanding of the Air Transport System’s behaviour and the complex relation among its elements.

The aviation sector gathers and stores a large amount of unstructured, heterogeneous data: safety data and reports, flight plans, navigation data, airport data, radar tracks….From airlines to ANSPs and airports, the collection of information through different data sensors is growing exponentially.

How the different stakeholders take advantage of these data has not evolved as rapidly as the ability to capture it. There is a large opportunity gap between the potential offered by the data and the outcomes of its analysis.

With the discussion led by experts, peers and academics from the fields of Aeronautics and Data Science, and the participation of those qualified to discuss the available data and cutting edge Data Analysis techniques and tools, (including its existing applications in other sectors) the workshop generated informed and intelligent debate. Ideas for new approaches in research and solutions on a number of issues were put forward.

About the Workshop: Agenda

The Data Science in Aviation Workshop was led by experts and peers from the fields of Aeronautics and Data Science. From Iberia’s Head of Flight Safety, J. R. Fernández de la Morena, and Lufthansa System’s Product Development Manager, Urban Weisshaar; to Eurocontrol’s Head of SWIM/EA Unit and EADS Innovation Works; relevant representatives of the aeronautical industry provided insights on the availability of data, both from the operational so as the systems perspective, in the air and on the ground.

Following the presentations from these industry experts; government and academic leaders in the field including Innaxis’s Massimiliano Zanin and CSIC (Spain’s national council for Scientific research) director, Isabel Campos, presented on the state-of-the-art in Data Science research with respect to ATM. Real world applications were then re-visited with a final presentation from Synergic Partners’ Carmen Artigas.

Afterwards, further discussion and presentations took place by academic and industry representatives on cutting edge Data Analysis techniques and tools,and its applications and potential benefits based on previous experience. The presenters offered an excellent foundation for a fruitful discussion and sharing of ideas, which followed the presentations.

We will provide here in the coming days details of the discussions and outcomes of the workshop.

Below is the full agenda from the workshop with the link to the corresponding presentations:

10:00 Scope, opportunities and challenges in Data Science Innaxis David Pérez, Director

10:30 Data in the air: operations Iberia J. R. Fernández de la Morena, Head of Flight Safety

11:00 ATM data analysis – From support to illumination Eurocontrol Paul Bosman, SWIM/EA Unit Manager

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 What is Data Science and how can it help aviation Lufthansa Systems AG Urban Weisshaar, Head of SESAR Project

12:30 Aerospace based data and information fusion EADS- IW Gavin Powell, Lead Fusion Engineer

13:00 Lunch

14:00 The devil in ATM data: size, stationarity and other daemons Innaxis Massimiliano Zanin, Researcher

14:30 The Role of the Distributed Computing in Scientific Data Analysis National Grid Initiative of Spain at CSIC (Spanish National Science Research Council) Isabel Campos, Director

15:00 Data Science in action. An industry perspective Synergic Partners Carmen Artigas, Co-founder & partner

15:30 Rapporteur & Closing the session Innaxis Carlos Álvarez, President

16:00 Coffee and networking

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.