2014 Data Science Workshop

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2014 Data Science in Aviation Workshop was held in Brétigny (EEC), 21st of May, 2014

This workshop was organized by Innaxis -as ComplexWorld Network coordinator- and supported by Eurocontrol ART .Thank you to all participants for such a successful workshop!

About the Workshop: General details

Over 80 industry experts, academics and professionals attended the workshop in EEC, Brétigny. The ComplexWorld ‘2014 Workshop on Data Science in Aviation’ provided the opportunity for experts and professionals from the data science and aviation fields to gather and discuss ways knowledge from aviation data could be extracted in order to enhance our understanding of the Air Transport System’s behaviour and the complex relation among its elements. There is still a large opportunity gap between the potential offered by the data and the outcomes of its analysis.

With the discussion led by experts, peers and academics from the fields of Aeronautics and Data Science, and the participation of those qualified to discuss the available data and cutting edge Data Analysis techniques and tools, (including its existing applications in other sectors) the workshop generated informed and intelligent debate. Ideas for new approaches in research and solutions on a number of issues were put forward.

About the Workshop: Agenda

Below is the full agenda from the workshop with the link to the corresponding presentations:

9:30: welcome coffee

Welcome by Pierre Andribet, SESAR Contribution Manager

Workshop introduction and welcome by Pete Whysall, NATS

10:00 Introduction to data Science. David Perez Innaxis Director.

10:30 Big Data Analytics. Case Studies. Bart Goethals University of Antwerp

11:00 Incidents and accidents metrics. Aviation Safety Data Ludwig Drees. TU Munich

11:30 Short coffee break

11:45 Data Science in aviation: metrics and visualization. Samuel Cristobal. Innaxis

12:15 Crowdsourcing in Data Science. Jose R. Fonollosa. UPC

12:45 Lunch

14:00 SWIM: Activities Roadmap and outreach. Dirk Janssens. EUROCONTROL SWIM exploitation project manager

14:30 Some thoughts and conclusions: where do we go from here? Carlos Álvarez. Innaxis President

15:00 Conclusions and wrap-up. Dirk Schaefer. Eurocontrol

15:00 SWIM demonstrations at EEC hall, networking session

15:30 Parallel threads:

Networking session for general attendees ART meeting -restricted to ART members-

About the Workshop: Recordings

All the event was recorded: first part (presentations before lunch), second part (presentations after lunch). In the following days recordings per presentation will be available

Short Speakers bio:

David Perez: Innaxis Director, received his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and Air Transport from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. His more than 20 years of professional experience in different aviation fields has been in multinational environments, in Europe as well as in the USA. He covered the introduction to the Data Science field and the description of its basic principles, challenges and benefits.

Bart Goethals, Professor of Computer Science (Dept. of Math and Computer Science) at the University of Antwerp. Experienced researcher in the fields of Data Mining, Data Science and Big Data Analytics, holds an h-index of 27. He has chaired several KDD conferences, coauthored “Top 10 Data Mining case studies”, and among other awards he has received the “Ten Year Award for the most influential paper published at PKDD 2002″

Ludwig Drees is an Aerospace Engineer from TU Munich, and is currently a PhD Student at the same university within the Institute of Flight System Dynamics. He provided insight on how Aviation Safety data, basically incidents and accidents, are being analyzed and will also cover some ideas beyond classic safety metrics. He is a member of the Research group from TU Munich leaded by professor Florian Holzapfel

Samuel Cristobal Researcher at Innaxis, as well as a PhD candidate at the Universität Wien. He holds a MSc in Advanced Mathematics and Applications (Universidad Autónoma of Madrid); a BCs in Mathematics (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); and a BEng in Telecommunication Systems (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid). He has vast experience in several ETCL, SESAR, FP6 and FP7 funded research projects.

Jose A.R. Fonollosa: is a full professor at the UPC. He is a main researcher and director of RD projects in the Machine learning, Optimization and Speech and Language Technology field among others. Jose has recently won the international Flight Quest 2 competition organized by General Electric (Kaggle) to promote the development of algorithms that make airlines’ flight routes more efficient.

Dirk Janssens is currently EUROCONTROL SWIM exploitation project manager. Dirk has huge experience in Project Management within different fields and has been working for Eurocontrol for more than 10 years now. In the workshop he tackled the SWIM Activities Roadmap and Outreach

This project has received funding from the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 783287.